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Paranormal-X are a non profit organisation and no profit is made from this website. All members of Paranormal-X work for free, are not paid, and we do not charge anything for our services*

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Paranormal-X are a a group of paranormal investigators based in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, in the UK. Our main aim as professional paranormal investigators is to provide clear, concise and real evidence of the afterlife. We investigate all aspects of paranormal activity from ghost sightings, to hauntings, from paranormal investigations, to spiritual matters through the means of physical investigations, evidence collection, interviews, psychic ability and mediumship demonstrations, documentaries and social media awareness all over the UK and beyond.


The group was founded by Psychic Medium Mark Smith in 2015 and with a massive following already to his psychic and mediumship work throughout the UK, and with many years of working in the paranormal industry, lead investigator Mark believes that with the team he has, we will one day find the holy grail of the paranormal and spirit world and that is proof of the afterlife. Mark has a recognized diploma in Parapsychology, is a member of the International Alliance of Holistic Therapists and is also a member of the The International Association of NLP and Coaching. Paranormal-X mission is to bring the psychic and science world together.


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For media inquiries, sponsership deals, public and private paranormal investigations, charity work, and all general inquiries please contact 07964182368 or use the CONTACT page on this website

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