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Find out what each piece of equipment is and what it can do by clicking the links below. Paranormal-X also have a 5 star rating for each item listed and give our personal thoughts, reviews and rating on the equipment that can be used for paranormal research.

p-sb7 spirit ghost franks box ovilus 3 k2 emf meter

Here at Paranormal-X, we only use the very latest in technological equipment designed for paranormal research and development. We have access to some of the most sought after equipment in the paranormal industry, from I.T.C paranormal equipment to divination items and more!


Our equipment is purchased from some of biggest names within the field because we know this works and gives some of the most credible evidence and results.


Please check out:

The PX1 Spirit Ghost Box Portal Device

PX1 SPIRIT GHOST BOX PORTAL ITC DEVICE EMF-TrifieldNatural-3 Cell Sensor EMF Meter Gauss Master EMF INFRAREADY LOGO sls camera kinect sensor ghosts