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The Paranormal Magazine

Welcome to Paranormal-Xtra! Paranormal-Xtra is a new online paranormal magazine. This is an area where you will find a whole host of interesting and educational features and topics regarding all things paranormal.


Paranormal-Xtra consists of 3 main areas:



An area showing how easy it is fake paranormal activity and giving advice on how to spot fraudulent activity within the paranormal community and more.



Lets talk about, angels, demons, mythology, the occult, aliens and more. Cases of demonic oppression and possesion, developing your spiritual awareness and more.



How to videos, ghost hunting and equipment guides and reviews, blogs and written articles and more.


You will also find in this area new and exciting ways to reach out and connect with the PX team right from the comfort of your own home, aswell as many other exciting new ideas we will add as this part of the site grows.


We will also be hosting live interviews with big names from within the paranormal community, from a whole host of backgrounds including skeptics, believers, psychics, mediums, demonologists, and more LIVE on PXTV!


As this new and exciting part of the site continues to grow and develop more and more content will be added on a regular basis.


Get ready, as we bring you, the paranormal...

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Order Of Magnitude 18-09-2016 (9pm UK time)


SWM Ghosts 25-09-2016 (9pm UK time)




The most shocking ever spirit ghost box session ever from the Paranormal- X team. LIVE at Stocksbridge Bypass!

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New mini series now on YouTube! Mark Smith Psychic Detective. Investigating the paranormal, solo!


Watch the first episode here!


Wombwell Woods, Barnsley!

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