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Meet the Paranormal-X team

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Hi, my name is Mark Smith. I am founder of Paranormal-X and lead investigator for the team. I am also a established Psychic Medium in the South Yorkshire area of the UK. I have worked in the paranormal field for many years and have had many hundreds of paranormal and thousands of spiritual encounters all over the UK while ghost hunting both at home and while on public investigations via my work as a medium and as a paranormal investigator. I have also appeared in various spiritual magazines and worked on TV too. As a believer already in the afterlife through my psychic and mediumship work, I set up Paranormal-X to to bring the psychic and science worlds closer. I hold a recognized diploma in Parapsychology, I am member of the International Alliance of Holistic Therapists and also a member of the The International Association of NLP and Coaching.


Mark Smith psychic medium founder of Paranormal-X

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simon paranormal-x

Hi guys, I'm Simon. I'm very excited to announce that i'm a member of the Paranormal-X team. My primary role within the team will be camera and audio work but there will also be times when i'll be in front of the camera. I've a keen interest in the paranormal and have previous experience working with another team. I'm also a keen photographer. Add this to the fact that i'll be working with such a fantastic team is a dream job for me! I'd like to say a huge thanks to Mark for welcoming me into the team and for giving me this brilliant opportunity. I look forward to sharing my journey and experiences with you all.

mark smith psychic medium on ITV TV

Hi my name is Helen, I'm the new member of the Paranormal-X team. I have always been interested in the paranormal since I was a child. I have had my own experiences with the paranormal, which has given me validation of the "afterlife. One of my experiences was with my daughter who passed away, she shouted my name "mom", there wasn't anyone in the house at the time, only me. Did I imagine it?. No I can assure you I didn't. Was I thinking of her at that time, no. It may of only been a small acknowledgement from my daughter, but for me it gave me comfort inside. Do I believe that we " move on" to another level in the spirit world? Yes I do. I'm very much open to new ideas, and always keep an open mind.